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About J2ACE

We are a group of 5 friends & sisters who absolutely love travelling! And it's rare to find someone who can accomodate and compliment each other so well. We have started our first travel in 2017 to Switzerland and we have never stopped since. Thereafter, we visited New Zealand (South Island) in 2018 and the most recent one to Iceland in 2019! We make it a point to travel at least one long trip a year even though we are are busy due work. 

Our travel style: we dislike touch and go. Rather, we prefer to explore one country's beauty and explore some outskirts attraction that have less crowd. These are the places that gives the serenity and peacefulness that we couldn't get in Singapore.

So who is (are) J2ACE?


Joanne Tan: The Social Media Queen ->>

She love scenic places so much because she can flaunt in her Instagram and Facebook. She like to compliment on beautiful scenery which can enhance herself in those photographs but also critics on not-so-tasty food because she hates to burn those unneccessary calories she consumed. She is a little local guide in google map and that shows how she love to "feedback". Not forgetting, she is the creater and writer of this blog. Don't ever correct her grammer/vocabulary because she say she is a true blue Singaporean and Singlish is a fine piece of art. You better give her some meat for a good meal else you will see a long grumpy face all day long.

<<- Jennifer Tan: The Leader

Strong in both her mind and body who loves exploring heights and walk the extra mile to scenic places. Often, she leads the team in front to make sure there are no danger and it's safe and cleared for the team to proceed. She takes care of the group's safety. She is the one who always volunteer herself to drive because to her, being a passenger is boring.  Most of the long journey rides were driven by her, while the rest napped and drool and the back seats. She is a vegetable lover!


<<- Aw Lay Yan:The Comedian

She looked stern when she don't smile, but don't be deceived by her looks. She is crappy and always around to amuse others. She keeps us entertained during long car journeys so that we don't fall asleep and drool on her. If we do, she takes picture of us dozing off with mouth wide open and threatens to take it to social media. She brings along her "Chicky" in her travels. Try to spot them in our picture gallery in every country! She can eat anything the team feeds her as long as it's edible!

Christina Tan: The Mastermind ->>

She is the reason for this travelling team to happen! She is the Planner, the Chef, the Navigator, the Driver, the Photographer, the Accomodation hunter, the Flight Seeker, the Everything! She is the most efficient and the busiest one. Just tell her the date you are available to travel and bingo! The initerary is out in no time. Not picky on food but spare her the muttons.


<<- Eileen Tham: The Mama

She takes care of everyone in the team. Anything you don't have can always look for her. Extra pair of socks, thermals, heat packs, sweets, toothpaste. She is the naughty one who don't follow the packing list because she have these extra items in her luggage. She makes sure everyone wears enough, eat sufficient and constantly hydrate ourselves. She inspects the plates you washed and make sure it is clean, she also sweep or mops the floor if its dirty. AirBnB owners will love her bookings because it will be returned in a better state. Tomato and Potato are her favourites!

That's J2ACE! Jennifer, Joanne, Aw, Christina and Eileen.

Anything less than 4 is a waste of a car seat. Anything more than 5 is a crowd and a troublesome car convoy. So this team number is a perfect Hi-5! We make a set of great travel buddies because we can stay anywhere as long as it is stayable (we are on vacation, not refugees). We are not big eaters as we aim to burn more calories during the hikes, but we don't starve ourselves because, Yes! We are on vacation! We go places but we don't break our wallet.


The reason why we created this blog is because alot of our friends approached us for the itineraries and we would like to share more information other than just itineraries! Sharing with you here, our travel tips, food and the accomodation on the countries we visited. We hope everyone can travel smart, travel safe and travel happy!

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