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Iceland Day 12

Olafsvik >> Ondveroarnes lighthouse >> Arnarstapi >> Buoakirkja Black Church >> Reykjavik


Day 12.jpg

Öndverðarnes Lighthouse

Olafsvik >> Ondveroarnes lighthouse

Recommended by the hostel owner, she told us to take a visit to this beautiful light house and indeed, if it wasn't of the strong wind, we would have stay there longer for more pictures!




Snæfellsjökull is a 700,000-year-old glacier-capped stratovolcano in western Iceland. What a magnificent view and J2ACE love it! 

We did walk in the further up alittle bit more and took somemore photo. Seriously, hiking in windy area is no joke. You really need the extra layer. 


Black Church of Budir

Arnarstapi >> Buoakirkja Black Church >> Reykjavik

Review says it's always cloudy here and so it gives a little mystery feel of this Black Church.

Behind this church has got graves. Somewhat explains why this place seem a little spooky yet beautiful with the cloudy contrast. 

Finally, we went back to where we are in Day 1, the City of Iceland, Reykjavik for the final stop to stock up chocolates for friends and family, eat a good restaurant meal, and walk around the City for some souvenirs and last sight seeing!

And that's all for our 12 Days in Iceland! The following day, we checked out from our accomodation, returned our car near the airport, and Home sweet Home!


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