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Iceland Day 2

Thingvellir National Park >> Kerið Crater
Day 2.jpg

Thingvellir National Park

Sunny Central Location >> Thingvellir National Park

This morning, we took a stroll along the coast to catch the Northern Lights but to no avail. We head back and had our breakfast at our accomodation and off we go to the first "Golden Ring" attraction to Thingvellir National Park for a hike! We reach there at first light so there were no photo bombers. So blessed! We get to experience how slippery it is to walk on icy paths and luckily we brought along our crampons. In this park, you get to see the rift valley between two continental plates and other spectacular landscape. Check out our gallery below!




Thingvellir National Park >> Kerið Crater

We are supposed to head to Silfra Diving to take a picture where the divers start their dive, but missed due weather too cold. We also missed an outdoor thermal bathing pool. So we decided bring forward one of the attraction from Day 3 which is the Kerið Crater. Guess what? We almost got blown off into the caldera because the wind is so strong! 

We decided to call the AirBnB owner at Annalyn Guesthouse if we can check-in earlier and, yes we can!

Morning weather was fine and afternoon comes the wind. Here's a video showing how strong the wind is! We just took some picture at the Caldera and dare not walk around it for fear of dropping into the Caldera like ice cubes. 

We, the fat ass do feel light. Listen to how Christina was laughing. Terrible.

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