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Iceland Day 3

Gullfoss Falls >> Geysir >> Seljalandsfoss
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Gullfoss Falls

Annalyn Guest House >> Gullfoss >> Geysir

We were only allowed to use kichen cooking facilities at 0700hrs and after we are done with our breakfast, we continued the "Golden Ring" journey to Gullfoss Falls! Indeed, it is huge! The route to see the magnificent Falls upclose was CLOSED! Sobs. Nonetheless, we still head up to see the Falls from top down.


Geysir & Icelandic Horse

Gullfoss Falls >> Pit Stop for Icelandic Horse >> Geysir

We were so excited to see Icelandic horse along the road from the falls to the Geysir and we managed to find a pit stop to park our car to walk closer to them. Awly bought some "Horse candies" and Jennifer began feeding them. There were friendly and they won't bite! After the feeding, we head to the Geysir. Eruptions at Geysir can hurl boiling water up to 70 metres (230 ft) in the air. We have to wait awhile before we can catch the "explosion". And that's the end of the "Golden Ring" tour! Next up, Ring Road adventure.

The horse feeding experience: There is a small little hut that sells "horse candies" based on honour-based system. All you have to do is to drop 200 ISK into the money box and take 1 serving off the shelf.

Look at Awly's expression when the horse eats the horse candie on Awly's hand. She says she can feel it's tongue. haha! I guess they don't bite!

Geysir >> Seljalandsfoss

We brought forward one of the attraction planned for the next day since we still have time. This is the first Ring Road attraction planned for the following day and it was a blessing in disguise. We were totally drenched after we head into the back of the waterfall! Imagine it was the first attraction the next day morning, we would be wet for the entire day. So if you are not fully prepared to be drenched, do not go to the back of the waterfall. Ponchos will not be enough. You will need waterproof clothings


We called the owner of our accomodation to allow 5 drenched ladies to check-in earlier and luckily, they are so flexible. The area around our accomodation is dark, but it was too cloudy. No sights of Aurora.


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