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Iceland Day 4

Skogafoss >> Solheimasandur Plane Wreck >> Dyrholaey >> Reynisfjara Beach
Day 4.jpg

The Old Farm House >> Skógafoss

We reached Skógafoss early in the morning without much photo bombers! Typical Singaporean super kiasu. We didn't walk too close to the waterfall just in case we get drenched again. We hike up to the top of the fall for the scenic view. The hike is not too tiring, but maybe you will have to stop once in awhile to catch your breathe. The viewing gallery at the top is small, so you can imagine what happens if you reached here later with lots of tourist. 



Plane Wreck

Skógafoss >> Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

This is one of the place we absolutely love in Iceland. The plane is so instagramable! We always have opportunities to take nice serviceable aircrafts but not for plane wreck. Although we have to walk a long way in, the path is quite level. For those who don't wish to walk, you can engage a local tour bus to bring you there. We prefer to walk though to enjoy the clean fresh air since its near the coast! Also, it's a nice time to chit chat with your travel buddies! Don't worry about it being haunted because there is no deaths for this plane crash. All in the plane survived! 



Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck >> Dyrhólaey

The wind got stronger and it was raining when we reached here. We open our car door and the wind is so strong it almost break. Luckily, Jennifer hold it so tight and managed to pull it back. Car insurance will not cover this because strong wind is very common in Iceland. We tried to get a good picture but it's so tough! The video below shows it all...

We gotten so cold and hungry here and we decided to find some nice restaurant to eat near our accomodation. Check out at our Food Tab for more details and pictures on what we eat!


We have:

Joanne: The Model

Christina: The Photographer

Eileen: The Assistant

Jennifer: The Safety I/C

Awly: The Videographer

Behind all good photographs is a team of dedicated members.

This year performance bonus will be good. Awesome job ladies!

Reynisfjara Beach

Dyrhólaey >> Háigardur Vik >> Reynisfjara Beach

We were all so cold from all the rain and the wind so we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch and warm ourselves. We then check-in earlier to the accomodation, washed up and changed to warm clothings. Head to the last attraction of the day to the famous black sands beach! This is the beach which has got strong waves and visitors are advised not to stand too close to the waters. Respect the weather in iceland and respect their safety signs.


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