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Iceland Day 7

Hofn Town >> a few Pit Stops >> Seydisfjourdur
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Hofn Town >> Pit Stops >> Gufufoss >> Cottage & Hot Tube on the Fiord (Seydisfjordur) 

Because we are travelling the Ring Road, it's a long journey from the South-east to the East. Hence, we have to stopover in the East and stay one night there for our drivers to rest. Before we reach our accomodation, we will passby this waterfall. It is not that fantastic though, but no harm taking some photos before we go.

Do note that the road from a small town called the Egilsstaðir to this waterfall can be misty due to low clouds. Do exercise caution when driving.

We then check in ourselves to yet another fantastic accomodation with a private Hot Tube! We tried to wait for Aurora to appear but to no avail. 


Driving under low clouds condition. Visibility is low and we gotta drive really slow.

This road took us to a wonderful accomodation. it's like driving in heaven and when the mist is gone, it's like curtains drawn and a beautiful picture appears right before you! 

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