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Iceland Day 8

Seydisfjordur >> Dettifoss (missed) >> Ásbyrgi Canyon >> Reykjahlíð
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Ásbyrgi Canyon

Seydisfjordur >> Dettifoss (missed) >> Ásbyrgi Canyon >> Reykjahlíð

Seydisfjourdur is a small yet beautiful town. Do spend some time there! We missed Dettifoss due to road closure, likely because of the storm. So we went straight to the Ásbyrgi Canyon. There are a few hiking route to take. To check out the route condition with the Information Centre over there and the staff will advise if the routes is okay to hike. Some maybe be piled up with snow. We took the Eyjan Path and walk up the canyon to take some pictures from the above. Pretty scenic! Snow is piling up at the ground and we were having fun with the snow! After that, we went straight to check-in to our next accomodation.


Blogger Jo, me, love the snow. I've only seen my first snow at a freaking 36 years old in Switzerland. At that time i almost fainted at one of the Alps so i was banned by the team to play snow. Now i jio (invite) the rest for snow fight but they ran away from me.

Awly most steady. Stand down there and let me throw at her. 

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