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Iceland Day 9

Reykjahlíð >> Viti (missed) >>Námafjal >> Grjótagjá cave  >> Dimmuborgir (missed) >> Akureyri


Day 9.jpg

So, Joanne woke up this morning and there were thick snow everywhere! She wanted to make her first snowman. It was so difficult and she decided to change it to something else.

A pile of Shit.


Reykjahlíð >> Viti (missed) >>Námafjal

We missed Viti and head straight to Námafjall. It is not so fantastic, just that its along the way to Akureyri so we just drop by for some photos. If you have been to the Geysir, it's quite similar just that it is a smaller scale without explosion.




Námafjal >> Grjótagjá Cave >> Dimmuborgir (closed)

It is better to enter if you have a torch light or head lamp because it's dark inside. Heard from the other travellors that inside there are hot lava. You can see that we didn't attempt to go in. Haha! Just took a picture outside the cave and off we (The gluttens) went to have our long awaited Fish & Chips (Some says best in Iceland) at Akureyri! Check out at our Food Tab for more details and pictures on what we eat.


Aurora Borealis

Akureyri heading towards Dalvik

We got tips from the receptionist at our accomodation that since tonight we are gonna expect KP Index of 4, which is quite visible for naked eyes, we should drive to Dalvik as that area is darker.

True enough, we left our hostel ard 9pm and just a 5 mins drive out, we saw greens n the sky! Oh Yay!!!


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