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Day 1:

Lake McGregor Campsite 

(Lake McGregor)

This is a low-cost and non-powered campsite. Because it is honour-based, all you need to do is to park your campervan properly, head to a small little hut, take an envelope and write your vehicle number down in two sections. Stuff your exact payment into the envelope and drop it into their letterbox. Tear the other section out and put it on your dashboard. 

NZ$10 per pax

Day 2:

White Horse Hill Camp Site

(Hooker Valley)

This is a non-powered site. Washroom is available for you to washup or you can use your own campervan toilet. Hot shower is available at 2.5km away from this campsite. One of a more popular site because it's nearest to Hooker Valley's hike. So carpark can be limited. Recommended to reach here earlier before night time to secure a parking space.


NZ$13 per pax
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Day 3:

Twizel Holiday Park


Once in awhile, it is good to stay in a powered site so that you can charge up all your power banks, laptop and cameras. Other than that, water tank can be topped up, limited wifi given, washer and dryer provided. Definitely price will be higher but still pretty afforable.


NZ$20 per pax

Day 4:

Hillview Campsite

We have to special mention this non-powered and seem ordinary campsite. It totally shock us the next day morning when we woke up with pink sky!!! This picture is not even filtered! One of the highlights in our trip!


NZ$10 per pax

Day 5:

Manapouri Motels & Holiday Park



We are visiting Doubtful Sound the following day so we parked here since it's the nearest to the cruise pick-up point. First 2 pax cost NZ$40, subsequent guest is NZ$19 each. Washer and dryer is available.


NZ$97 (NZ$19.40 per pax)

Day 6:

Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park

(Te Anau)




Sorry ar. We wanted to show you pictures of our campsites, but we realised we take very little or none of it. So this is a picture of a lone-tree by the lake of Te Anau town. Haha! I mean what's there to take of pictures of carparks right? Campsite means park your car at paid carpark. HAHA!

Top 10 campsites have better facilities. If you take up their membership for better discount. Visit their website at:


NZ$27 per pax

Day 7:

Gunn Camp

(Fjordland National Park)




Okay this looks like some creepy ghost story. Rest assured, we just have lack of photos for the campsite. Yes, not even any pictures of us drinking inside our campervan because we were knocked out by the exhauting hike this morning. We don't recommend this place if you are not visiting Milford Sound because there are just too many sandflies! Just by visiting the washroom, we get bites all over our feet. Ouch!


NZ$20 per pax

Day 8:

Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde





We are at powered site with laundry and hot showers. Queenstown may have more crowd since it's at the City. Places like this you probably have to book earlier online.


NZ$27.50 per pax

Day 9

Somewhere near the Hot Onsen




I was browsing all over but i couldn't find a picture of our parking area. I remember we parked somewhere near to our onsen and it's not a campsite. Importantly, just do not illegal park or block other vehicles.  



Day 10:

TOP 10 Holiday Park



A picture of us having breakfast the following day morning at their dining area. This is what we eat almost every morning. Bread & Jam, fried eggs with ham etc.

Top 10 campsites have better facilities. If you take up their membership for better discount. Visit their website at:


NZ$23 per pax

Day 11:

Fox Glacier Top 10 Holiday Park

(Fox Glacier)




The photo of the reception area. 

Top 10 campsites have better facilities. If you take up their membership for better discount. Visit their website at:

NZ$26 per pax

Day 12:

Cloud 9 Lifestyle Park



To use the campsite here, its NZ$17 per pax.

If you wanted electrical power supply, additional $3 is required.

If you want Wifi, additional $2 per pax is required.


NZ$22 per pax

Day 13:

Decks Reserve Car Park Free Camp Site





We are going for Abel Tasman National Park tomorrow via cruise, so we choose the nearest campsite to the jetty. It's free!!!




This campsite has got grill pit! It runs by electricity so we don't have to buy messy charcoals and worry about excess. Bought salmon, beef steak and portabello mushroom and that's our tasty dinner!



NZ$18 per pax

Day 15:

Wakatu Car Park Free Camp Site





We park our Campervan here so that the next day morning we can walk over to the Nelson Market. Nelson Market is set up at one of the carpark just 1 street down and this is the nearest free carpark for our campervan.




This is a nice Campsite. It's just a short drive to our hiking trail the next day morning. We took a short walk to The Pier Hotel Restaurant and had beer and seafood dinner and slowly stroll back. Love this town!



NZ$24 per pax

Day 17:

Amber Kiwi Holiday Park and Motel


Our last night in NZ at a beautiful campsite. The white fence with flowers all over the place make this campsite so dreamy. We got our laundry done, stuffs packed and all ready to return home with lots of chocolate!



NZ$23.50 per pax
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