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 New Zealand Day 10 

Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve > Dam Good Fruit Pyo Cherries > Wanaka Tree > Roys Peak > Wanaka Top 10 Holiday Park
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Dam Good Fruit Pyo Cherries

Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve > Dam Good Fruit Pyo Cherries

We excitedly came here to pluck some nice & sweet fruits. However, it was the wrong season. So we can only buy some strawberries off-shelf! HAHA!

This is the owner of the farm. He invited us to take a walk inside even though there are no fruits to pick.



Wanaka Tree

Dam Good Fruit Pyo Cherries > Wanaka Tree

This is the most popular lone tree in New Zealand! There is no direction on where this tree is. All you need to do is just walk along the lake and you will get to here. There is not much crowd and you are able to catch the shot with no photo bombers. 

At different time of the day, you will be able to catch some lovely shots with different shades and tones of the reflective waters.




Roys Peak

Wanaka Tree > Roys Peak


One of the most challenging hike for this trip!!! Took us around 3hours to reach the peak. Coming down is faster at about 2.5 hours. So do cater half day for this hike at least. Make sure you have enough water, and bring along some bananas or chocolate to fuel yourselves. We were also very happy with our hiking stick. Without that, coming up here will be a struggle! Make sure you take a good look before you take a sit along the path, there are sheep poos at the start to the centre of the hike. Lesser poos higher up.

Roys Peak can be linked together with neighboring Mount Alpha, so if you have 9-10 hours to spare for a 1 way trip there, you can do it! (means 20 hours both way)

Caught red-handed!
Eileen and me, these 2 dumb-ass decided to take a short-cut because we are still at the first quarter of the hike and still a long way to go! Wrong choice because shortcut is so steep and we nearly died. Caught red-handed by Awly! HAHA!
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