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 New Zealand Day 12 

Fox Glacier Top 10 Holiday Park > Lake Matherson > Fox Glacier > Franz Josef Glacier Walk > Hokitika Gorge > Hokitika Beach > Cloud 9 Camp Site
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Lake Matherson

Fox Glacier Top 10 Holiday Park > Lake Matherson

Lake Matheson is nestled in ancient forest and is famous for mirror views of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. It's excellent mirror-like reflecting properties are due to the dark brown colour of the water - the result of organic matter leached from the humus of the forest floor. This is a scenic walk. We can see beautiful lake, lone trees and even a frame at the start of the hike which frame you to their mountains as backdrop. 



Fox Glacier

Lake Matherson > Fox Glacier

Glaciers have retracted to so far back and it's pretty sad to see our global warming have reached a worrying level. We only get to see a little bit of the glacier from the furthest point we can reach by foot and it's still appeared to be very far. The route was also destroyed due to a recent hurricane attack. Some road works are still on-going so the path is pretty rough.

You can give it a missed unless you have alot of time to spare.



Franz Josef Glacier Walk

Fox Glacier > Franz Josef Glacier Walk

Slightly better than Fox Glacier. But if you have seen other glaciers in other countries, you may still find this glacier not very impressive. ALong the route there are scenic waterfalls for photo opportunity. Why not? Just take a stroll...




Hokitika Gorge

Franz Josef Glacier Walk > Hokitika Gorge

From the car park, follow the walking track for a few minutes through dense podocarp/hardwood forest before emerging onto a viewing platform. From here you can look down to the stunning Hokitika Gorge and out to the lush farmland of Kowhitirangi.

Hokitika Beach

Hokitika Gorge > Hokitika Beach > Cloud9 Lifestyle Park

We got here before sunset and got this warm and lovely photo! We took some sunset photo but couldn't see our faces clearly. So we drop by the following day after sunrise!

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