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 New Zealand Day 14

Motueka Town (Decks Reserve Car Park Free Camp Site) > Abel Tasman National Park > Richmond Motel and Holiday Park
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Abel Tasman National Park

Motueka Town > Abel Tasman National Park 

So we took a ferry service to the Abel Tasman National Park and had a short half day hike. There is alot of up and down hikes within the forestry and you can get to see nice beaches, different contrast of lakes and enjoy nice fresh air. The cons is there are alot of sandflies along the route so spam your repellent before you start your hike! The scorching sun hit us when it was closer to 12noon when we were about to leave the national park and you can see we were covering ourselves with our jacket. Lucky we choose to hike in the Autumn when weather is still considered cooling. 



Abel Tasman Tandem Skydive

Abel Tasman National Park > Richmond Motel and Holiday Park

While we are heading to our next campsite, we were surprised to see there is tandem skydive here! We tried our luck and visit the centre and enquire for the next available slot for the jump and it's available in the next hour!

What's best is that Queenstown tandem skydive only offers up to 11,000ft jump whereas at Abel Tasman they offer up to 14,000ft! Abel Tasman has got clear blue sky with National Park greenery, than Queenstown's City view.

Without hesitation, the duo says "You jump, I jump!".




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