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 New Zealand Day 16

Wakatu Car Park Free Camp Site > Kaikoura Alpine-Pacific Holiday Park
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Nelson Market

Wakatu Car Park Free Camp Site > Nelson Market

This is Eileen's favourite place! We have to clock one shopping trip for Mama to round up each other's expectation of a good overseas trip with J2ACE.


There are handicrafts, clothes and food stalls here in Nelson market. Try their Maori fried bread which is a must eat in NZ and buy some manuka honey back home.

This is a place you can have a proper breakfast / lunch because while in NZ, we always have to be on-the-go and it's a luxury we can buy cooked food when we wake up instead of having to cook / prepare sandwiches in our campervan. Since it is opened only on Saturday, you have to plan your NZ route well to reach here on a Saturday. Which our Mastermind Christina did an excellent job in planning!

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