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 New Zealand Day 17

Kaikoura Alpine-Pacific Holiday Park > Christchurch > Amber Kiwi Holiday Park and Motel
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Kaikoura Point Kean View

Kaikoura Alpine-Pacific Holiday Park > Kaikoura Point Kean View > Christchurch

This is one of the best hike just like Hooker's Valley. Nice nad easy trail to yet extremely scenic! There is not much crowd as compare to hooker's Valley. 

We were very blessed to see lots of seals resting on the coastline and we took a closer walk towards them for photo-taking. Lucky we didnt approach them too near because they will defend themselves thinking we are approaching to harm them. 

Along the trail is breezy because it's near the coastline and it's quite a relaxing hike. Do take extra caution when driving towards or leaving Kaikoura because at Highway 1, most of the time there is strong wind condition. Driving along the highway can be challenging.



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