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New Zealand Day 3

White Horse Hill Camp > Hooker Valley Track > Hooker Glacier > Hooker Lake > Mueller Lake >
Twitzel Holiday Park
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Hooker Valley Track

White Horse Hill Camp Site >> Hooker Valley Track

From the White Horse Hill Camp Site, it is merely a short distance walk to the start of Hooker Valley Track.Because it was raining on and off, we have to put on ponchos on and off as well. Blessed to see another rainbow here! Track is gentle and easy to walk. It's feels great to be able to walk along the valley and the view here is superb! One of the highlights of this trip!


Mueller Lake

Hooker Valley >> Muller Lake 

A bridge across the stream. But do note not to have too many people on the bridge at one time. Maximum 20 pax is the limit. You don't want to step on a falling bridge.



Hooker Glacier

Hooker Valley Track >> Hooker Glacier >> Hooker Lake >> 

Glaciers retracted due to global warming and the lake was formed. Glaciers are melting and there were barely a few pieces left in this lake. But it's still nice to visit this place! Mountains by the side made this place like a beautiful landscape painting. Picture can't justify it's beauty.



Pit Stop

White Horse Hill Park >> Twizel Holiday Park

Lovely lake for Pilot Christina to take flight! Lake is really blue and the whole place get's litted up so bright! Christina fly the drone while we happily take a stroll closer to the lake and have millions of selfies. Once she is done, we headed to our campsite for the night



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