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 New Zealand Day 4

Twizel Holiday Park > Oamaru > Moeraki Boulders > Tunnel Beach > Nugget Point Lighthouse >
Hill View Camp Site
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Twizel Holiday Park >> Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony >> Oamaru town

Ok, we reached here then we realised it's not the season to watch penguins. So we took pictures of the beach instead. haha! Feburary and March is the season they shed their feather. Hence, they are not waterproof, they can't swim or even feed themselves. They have to survive with their own fats. Likely they are hiding in their caves since they are the most vulnerable now.

And because someone wants to shit yet don't want to stink the campervan toilet, we decided to dropby Oamaru town and have gelato icecream!


Moeraki Boulders

Oamaru >> Moeraki Boulders

One of a very popular spot for travellors! There is a NZ$2 honour-based entrance fee but we have seen visitors walking past it without paying. It's not a huge sum of $ so please don't do that.


These boulders consist of mud, fine silt and clay, cemented by calcite. The look of it is unique and instagramable. However if the stone is broken apart, it don't really look that nice. Take a look at our gallery!



Tunnel Beach

Moeraki Boulders > Tunnel Beach

The walk down to this beach is a breeze but when you try to walk back up, the steep slope is gonna make your legs scream! Weaker ones can still visit this beach but allow yourselves more time to hike back up. In order to take a stroll along the beach, tide must be low. We are lucky we got it at the right time but have to leave the beach soon after we gotten our pictures as the waves were slowly coming nearer to us.



Nugget Point Light House

Tunnel Beach > Nugget Point Light House

It is so important to be at the right place at the right time. Drizzle just stopped and sun is setting. We got the perfect shot for this! You can aim to reach here either for the sunrise or the sunset. 

Nugget Point is the most iconic landform on the Otago coast. There is a lighthouse at the tip, surrounded by rocky islets (The nuggets).



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