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 New Zealand Day 6

Manapouri Motels & Holiday Park > Doubtful Sound Cruise > Te Anau Glowworm Cave Experience>
Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park
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Doubtful Sound Cruise

Manapouri Motels & Holiday Park > Doubtful Sound Cruise

Wikipedia mentioned that Milford Sound is more popular than Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound is more expensive than Milford, but J2ACE loves Doubtful more than Milford. Why? Because they brought as to a spot with complete silence and serenity for 1 minute! And also they brought us so close to the tasman sea where we can see lots of seals sunbathing. At that point close to the Tasman sea, our cruise ship was "roller-coaster-ing" and Awly loves it. 

It feels heavenly here because of the low clouds. Jurassic Park is supposed to do their filming here but gave up because it has never stopped raining on and off. You can pack lunch and bring to the cruise or buy lunch from the cruise ship.

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At one point, the captain turned off the engine and requested all to be quiet to enjoy a moment of silence. 

Can't help but still carry on to capture this moment in video so that all of you can enjoy this lovely moment as well.

Te Anau Glowworm Experience

Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park > Te Anau Glowworm Experience

We parked our car at the camp site for the night, had a nice shower and short rest before we join the Glow worm experience. 

Unfortunately, its not the peak season for glow worm. We were there in autumn but the peak is in summer. We can see the glowing purple glow worms but not massive enough to have that wow factor. But think about it, it's quite gross to enter a cave full of worms. Haha!

So if you are on tight budget or you don't have time to spare or it's not summer season, you can give the worms a missed. No photography is allowed in the cave anyway. We only took some pictures on the cruise. That's all.

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