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 New Zealand Day 9 

Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde > Glenorchy > Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve
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Queenstown Hill Hike

Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde > Quuenstown Hill

Christina and Awly are supposed to join the tandem skydive in the morning but it was postponed till afternoon due to rain and low clouds. The disappointed pair then came back to our campervan and we decided to push forward our afternoon hike to the first part of the day. We parked at the nearest carpark closest to the start point of the hike at NZ$1 per hour. Off we go to hiking! Rain come and go so at some moments we are wearing our ponchos, some we are not. Like changing parade sia.




Queenstown Hill >> Glenorchy

Due to persistent bad weather, afternoon tandem skydive was cancelled due to strong wind again. Awly and Christina were disappointed! We went to Glenorchy for a short walk to stroll the sadness away. 




Onsen Hot Pool

Glenorchy >  Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve


We love this pampering treat! However, we thought the best time to visit here should be around sunset. So we can still able to see the landscape in front of us. There were lots of stars above us sadly our camera wasn't able to capture it.


Recommendation is to do a 2-hours experience so you can enjoying soaking  away your tiring body, take nice pictures and drink beer/cocktail/wine with some chocolates. There is a shower available just right at the corner so you will feel like showering naked in the open. Haha!


Overall it's a great experience!

Book your onsen at the following website:


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