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18 Days NZ South- Island Road Trip

19 days inclusive of flight and transit

We started our jouney from Christchurch and took anti-clockwise direction to the perimeter of New Zealand South Island via our superb Britz Campervan. This is our first time exploring a country with a Campervan and i must say it's an awesome experience! It brings great convenience because you can easily get to campsites to park the vehicle can sleep anywhere. There are long journeys from town to town and the toilet is just inside the Campervan for us to release anytime we want. New Zealand is a lovely place with friendly local and tourist. We met a few and have nice talks with them along the hiking trails. NZ is so safe that alot of young female teenagers fly here to backpack for a couple of months. Yes, it is so beautiful that you wish you can stay longer here. So 18 days travel is not lengthy as compared to those backpakers staying for months!


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