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18 days in New Zealand South Island


We depart from Singapore Changi Airport on 22nd March 2018, transiting via Australia (Brisbane) to New Zealand. We returned via transit to Australia (Melbourne) and landed in Singapore on 9th April 2018. Total days inclusive of transit: 19 days. 

Campervan Rental

Britz Campervan

(5For 6 pax)


We booked a Britz Campervan for 6 pax for 18 days. Do cater some time  (took us 1-2 hours) for car collection because the staff will give a detailed safety and traffic rules brief at the collection point. Other than your International Driving License, they also required you to have your local (Singapore) license. Don't forget to bring both with you. Always get a comprehensive car insurance because we have encountered quite a few damage on the road. One of our side mirror was knocked down by oncoming vehicle and also our toilet door was dislodged due to constant car movement and vibration.WIth the insurance, we do not need to pay anything extra. Do buy some "Porta-pak" to drop inside the toilet bowl so that you will not smell the odour when disposing the waste.

Gas tank is for water heater and stove. Top up is available at Gas station.

Weather & Road Condition

Beware of driving at night & under strong wind condition



Vehicle comes with GPS and it is a good tool for you especially when there is no internet connection for your mobile google map. Some areas in NZ has no network. Be careful of cross-wind along SH1 (State Highway 1) and follow speed limit (Campervan maximum speed limit is 90km/h) although highway is 100km/h. There are no street lamps along the road, so do exercise extra caution when driving at night.

Foreign Currencies

New Zealand Dollar



New Zealand dollar is what you need. But do make sure you have loose change (coins) if you need to use the shower / laundry in some campsites.


Free campsites are without charging points


Depending on your needs, you may or may not need any charging points for campervan every night. The battery in the campervan is able to sustain 1 night after it is fully charged during engine running in the day. Battery for the night has no problem for the fridge and light usuage. But if you need to charge your camera / phone / laptop, you will need the charging point for your campervan. Some free campsites also include water pipe so you have unlimited supply for your tap and toilet. Campsites usually have disposal point for waste. Some more popular campsites maybe fully booked. If you are quite sure of your stopover point, do make your bookings online to avoid disappointment. Most of the campsites have Wifi but some connections are weak. While some other only provide 500Mb per pax per night. 


Book your tour in advance 

a. Doubtful Sound cruise - NZ$250

(Highly recommended)

b. Glow worm cave- NZ$88

(Recommended in Summer only)
c. Milford Sound cruise - NZ$91
d. Skydiving - NZ$449

(Try Abel Tasman Skydive rather than Queenstown)
e. Onsen hot pool - NZ$334.50 (NZ$66.90/pax)

(Aim for sunset time slot)

f. Gondola ride - NZ$35 per pax
g. Wilson Abel Tasman cruise Nationa Park cruise ride - NZ$59 per pax
h. Nelson Wine Tours  - NZ$110 per pax
i. Mt John observatory car entry - NZ$8
j. Moeraki Boulders Private walkway entrance fee - NZ$2 per pax
k. Queenstown Carpark - NZ$7


Waterproof & windproof clothings, extra pair of hiking shoes / boots, SIM card, umbrella, torch light, sandfly repellent, hiking stick

Weather is unpredictable. Rain may come and go. Hence it's better if you have a set of waterproof clothings with your hike. Poncho is good but not good enough because your socks and pants maybe drenched. Extra pair of hiking shoes may help when your shoes are drenched and need time for drying. If you are doing hikes, do get a hiking stick for yourselve especially if you are doing the Roys Peak hike!

Vodaphone SIM card ost $27 for 1Gb data. Our local service provider like Starhub may provide better deal (2Gb for $15). So do your homework before you go. We try not to use our facebook and instagram that often for the 2 weeks and still required at least 2Gb for the entire trip. Do have an umbrella and a torchlight in your vehicle so that if it rains, you can shelter yourself to the washroom or if its dark at night, you will need torch light to shine your walking path. Places near the lakes have got plenty of sandflies and sandfly repellent is a MUST. The pain and itch from the bite can last for weeks!



Take note of public holidays which may have no-sale of alcohol

We were so upset when we couldn't buy beer during Easter Day. Do make sure you constantly get your alcohol topped up to avoid disappointment!



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