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Switzerland Day 11

Rhine Fall -> Schaffhausen Town -> Zurich

Rhine Fall

Zurich >> Rhine Fall

The last sightseeing of Switzerland vacation to this magnificent fall. The fall is massive and huge! Water rush down and fast speed. We took a short boat ride to the middle of the fall to take some pictures. It is really cold in the middle of the fall where the boat man dropped us. Do bring along your jacket!


Schaffhausen Town

Schaffhausen Town >> Zurich City

A super quiet town. It's almost like a dead city. Happened that we were here on a weekend and most of the shops are closed. we even had a hard time looking for washroom. You will feel like you are in a zombieland here.

We left the place soon enough and back to Zurich to stockup souveniors and chocolates, packed our belongings and fly back to Singapore the following day! To conclude, Switzerland is indeed one of the most beautiful places we have visited by far.


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