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Switzerland Day 2

Geneva >> Montreux >> Zermatt
Switzerland Day 2.jpg


Hotel Central >> Geneva

We left the accomodation early in the morning and leave our backpacks at the train station before we tour around Geneva. We visited:

1) Broken Chair Sculpture

2) Flags of United Nations. 

3) Old Town Geneva.

4) Jet D'Eau

5) St. Pierre Cathedral

6) Swiss ARmy Knife Shop

*You are required to book an appointment if you want to assemble you swiss army knife. We did not assemble one but buy off a shelf and engrave it instead.

We spent the entire morning here before we head to Montreux.


Geneva >> Montreux

Just along the shores of Lake Geneva, there is a thousand year old historical "Chateau de Chilon". 

Some travellers choose to take a cruise to view this castle on the waters. 


It was a cloudy and rainy day when we arrived here. Good thing was it was just drizzling.


Montreux >> Zermatt

We all agree that this is one of the most beautiful place with lots of hiking trails for us to explore! If you ever visit Switzerland, please please please spend at least 3 days here. Take the cable car up to any of the alps and return trip to halfway down before you hike back to Zermatt town. The route down is absolutely stunning!

Click here to see what have we eaten for dinner in Zermatt!

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