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Switzerland Day 3

Zermatt (Matterhorn Glacier Paradise)

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Zermatt >> Matterhorn glacier paradise

It was snowing heavily when we reached here. Hardly able to take a few decent picture. By right we are able to have a great view of Matterhorn but due to this heavy snow, visibility is low. Nonetheless there are still other stuffs to explore such as ice sculptures and slides. 

There was a small incident here where i was playing with the tube slide. Christina was supposed to be taking a video of me sliding down but she didnt managed to press the record button. So i have to climb up the slide again to take another shot. During the second climb up, i fainted because of lack of oxygen. Jen immediately slap me left right center to wake me up. All of them carried me back to the visitor holding area and make hot milo for me to drink. HAHA!

Lesson learnt: Do not run when you know air is thin. Stupid.


Click here to find out what did we eat during lunch while we were hiking down.


First Video: Stupid Jo running up the slope for the second slide down since first video of slide down was not captured by Christina.

Second Video: Bye Jo! *wave* Stupid Jo ran back up and that's where she is short of oxygen and fainted. Giving Jennifer the chance to slap her. HAHA!

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