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Switzerland Day 4

Zermatt (Gornergrat -> 5-Seenweg)


Zermatt >> Gornergrat

Today at Gornergrat, we have a clear view of the Matterhorn. For those who don't know about Matterhorn, take a look at toblerone chocolate and you will see a mountain logo who is the famous Matterhorn.


Click here to find out what did we eat for lunch after we are done hiking Gornergrat!



Gronergrat >> 5-Seenwag

From Gornegrat, we proceed to the 5-Seenwag. Which means 5 lakes. This is a long hiking trail. Do plan your time well and cater enough time to reach the tram station. Me and Eileen were having muscle ache from all the hikes and walked really slow. We almost missed the last tram ride down and you can imagine if we missed it, it could mean another 20 over km of hike down to Zermatt. I almost cried when i saw that there is a lift to the station because i can no longer climb that 200metre slope to the tram station anymore.


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