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Switzerland Day 5

Zermatt -> Kandersteg (Oeschinensee) -> Lauterbrunnen
Switzerland Day 5.jpg


Zermatt >> Kandersteg >> Lauterbrunnen

Off we go to Kandersteg! We saw some people posted online that there is this amazing slide where you can slide down and have a great scenic view. Jennifer was mounted a GoPro and she is the last one to go down the slide. Unfortunately, i was the one before her and i saw a "Slow Down" sign. Hence it wasn't that exciting. But good thing is i took the time to admire the scene! HAHA!

Our mastermind Christina is a tactful woman. While walking back to the station after the hike, she told us that we have another 10 minutes to board the next train else we have to wait for another hour. We look at each other for 2 seconds and we ran like there is a mad dog chasing us. It took us less than 10 minutes. Real solid soldier.


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