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Switzerland Day 6

Lauterbrunnen -> Jungfrau(Top of Europe) -> Grindelwald


Lauterbrunnen >> Jungfrau

We are at the Top of Europe!!! It was clear blue sky when we reached there! We even took off our jacket because the sun was so strong it was a little bit warm.

Jennifer and Christina walked down the trail while the rest of the 3 did flying fox. 

This is a place you must visit because it's so scenic! 




Jungfrau >> Grindelwald

We were not to amazed by this place although online review mentioned how this place looked like fairy-tale land. Probably the best time to visit here is when it's snowing. While we were here, it almost seemed like Summer because it's so warm!

There are alot of souveniour shops along the street. We left this place after a short walk since it wasn't that fantastic.


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