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Switzerland Day 9

Lucerne -> Mount Titlis -> Lucerne City

Mount Titlis

Lucerne >> Mount Titlis

I love this place more than Mount Pilatus. Just because i get the opportunity to sit on the ski lift and walked along the suspension bridge! This mountain is 3,238 metres above sea level so literally we are above the clouds!

So we done the tube sliding at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, flying fox at Jungfrau and the ski lift at Mount Titlis. Take a look at the video below on our self-improvise slide on the snow slope. HAHA! Lots of experience so far!


It's so slippery to walk down the slope at Mount Titlis.

We self-improvise and slide down. Luckily we didn't break our jeans but we almost crashed into one another. HAHA!

Lucerne City

Mount Titlis >> Lucerne City

We are not a fan of City tour because we love the nature more. But since we are here already, we walked a few places in Lucerne City these 2 days. We visited:

1) Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge)

2) Spreuerbrücke

3) Jesuit Church

4) Löwendenkmal (Lion Monument)


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