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Day 1:

Sunny Central Location


*same accomodation for

Day 12

We rented the entire apartment. Apartment is at level 3 so we have to carry our luggage up. Apartment was relatively decent and clean. Kitchen was well eqquipped. Apartment near to supermarket and walking distance to iconic Hallgrimskirkja Church.

(P.S. Awly was too eager to unload.)

S$320.13 (S$64.02 per pax)

Day 2:

Annalyn Guesthouse


It's a two level house with the owner staying at the ground level. There were plenty of rooms available. Bedroom is clean and neat. We we are only allowed to use the cooking facilities after 0700hrs and we are not able to use their washer and dryer. Owner is friendly and polite and allow us to check-in earlier.

S$394.11 (S$78.82 per pax)

Day 3:

The Old Farm House


It's a really huge house with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and toilet. There is also a washer/dryer corner. 

Location is out of place but we still love it! Owner is politle and friendly and saved our day to let us check-in earlier. We were all drenched at the last attraction.


S$309.53 (S$61.90 per pax)

Day 4:

Háigardur Vik


Owner allowed us to check-in earlier. Rented the entire ground floor with well-equipped kitchen. Floor is sandy because it's near to the black sands beach. Bed and washroom were clean. There is washer and dryer but it's shared with the upper floor. At night, you can hear all the footsteps from guest from the upper floor which can be slightly noisy. 

S$503.58 (S$100.71 per pax)

Day 5:

Hörgsland Cottages





We booked the entire cottage! There is a reception cottage at the front. Cottage comes with a living room, kitchen, two bedroom, one toilet and Level 2 has got 2 beds. Squeeky sound can be heard from the movements of wood in the middle of the night when there is strong wind. Not too bad afterall, but there is no washer / dryer.

S$242.15 (S$48.43 per pax)

Day 6:

House on the Hill

(Hofn Town)




It's a big house with plenty of rooms and washrooms. Kichen is fuuly equipped. Bedroom and bedsheet is in white-coloured scheme so it displayed its cleanliness. Washroom will be cleaned a few times a day so it's really thoughtful for the guests. They don't have a washer but they helped us wash for free! One of the best accomodation in Iceland!

S$342.94 (S$68.58 per pax)

Day 7:

Cottage & Hot Tub on the Fiord





The biggest plus point about this accomodation is we have a private hot tub!!! The view around here is beautiful and yet very private. You can almost walk naked around the house (if you can endure the cold). Ok, kidding. There might be hikers around which we don't know. Super recommended!

S$390.95 (S$78.19 per pax)

Day 8:

Vogar Travel Services





Yes, this container looking house is our accomodation for Day 8. Not very fantastic mainly because there is 2 rooms for us here but the kitchen is shared with the other guest from the opposite house. Guest are supposed to stop using the kitchen by 10pm but we still hear noises. Considered expensive among our bookings.

S$404.02 (S$80.80 per pax)

Day 9:

Akureyri H.I. Hostel





This is not the picture of the actual house (Sorry, we don't have any pictures because we are so excited to unload and rest and forgotten to take pictures!) but a place where the house receptionist suggest we should go to hunt for the Aurora! Indeed we caught it thanks to her! The hostel is clean, kichen well-equipped and a few washrooms to share around. One of a good hostel in Iceland!

S$210.59 (S$42.11 per pax)

Day 10:

AFG Guest House





We don't have the photo of AFG Guesthouse again. Haha! We are not so satisfied with this guesthouse because their kitchen is not well-equipped. Just a rice cooker and a microwave. They don't have washer and dryer also. Bedroom and washroom is okay. Overall not value for money.

S$332.44 (S$66.48 per pax)

Day 11:

Við Hafið Guest House





We love this hostel! Kitchen is well equipped, rooms and toilet is clean, washer & dryer is available and there is breakfast (bread/jam/cereal/juices) available the next day morning. There are board games available at the dining area and we played some games there at night and laughed so hard! Recommended!

S$305.79 (S$61.15 per pax)
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