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Iceland Day 11

Blönduós >> Hvitserkur >> Kirkjufell Mountain >> Olafsvik


Day 11.jpg


Blönduós >> Hvitserkur

This is one of Eileen's wish list to visit the rock which looks like Rhino drinking water. Wikipedia says it's dragon though. Anyway, we were so glad we were the only ones here and NO OTHER TOURIST! The tide plays a big part as it will determine if "it" is drinking water, or soaking into the water. We were lucky the tide level was just nice! If there is high tide, we can't even get down to the coast.


To see this at the coast, we gotta hike downwards which is a longer path. There is a shorter path down but it's rather steep. We took the steeper path up from the coast instead.

(P.S. There is no washroom here. Gotta drive up a little bit to look for one)

This is the hike up from the Hvitserkur, do exercise caution as it's steep and slippery. Else, you can choose to take the more gradient slope from where we hike down which is longer.

Usually Jennifer is the one heading the front. But because she didn't buy the crampons (which is the cheap and good one from Taobao), she bought one in Iceland but its still not good enough. This clip shows it all.

Kirkjufell Mountain

Hvitserkur >> Kirkjufell Mountain

It's getting touristy here when you see tour buses and massive photo bombers. It claimed to be the most photographed mountain in Iceland, which we totally agree by one look at the tourist crowd. This is one of the scene from The Game of Thrones which none of the J2ACE watched it. So we ain't excited over this mountain.  We still prefer the outskirt. So we left once we gotten the photographs we wanted and before we get drown in the crowds.


We head to the next town to our accomodation after this.


Kirkjufell Mountain >> Olafsvik

After we gotten surprise from the previous small little town, we explore Olafsvik and yes, indeed we were surprise to see another beautiful waterfall and the stream. This little town is another gem and i strongly urge everyone to come over to take a look. Anyway, it's not very far from the City Reykjavik!

Was sharing wif Christina if "Olaf the talking snowman" from the cartoon movie "Frozen" came from this town. Haha!


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