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 New Zealand Day 2

Lake McGregor Campervan Site > Mount John > Lake Pukaki > Blue Lake and Tasman Glacier walks > White Horse Hill Camp site
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Mount John

Lake McGregor Campervan Site >> Mount Cook

We park our car and walk a short distance to the top of Mount John and you can see beautiful Lake Tekapo from here. Mount John is a popular place for star gazing and lots of visitors spend one night here and book a night's tour in Mount John Observatory. Luckily we didnt pre-book the tour and because that day it was cloudy. We walked around here and just enjoy the clean fresh air.


When i tried to offer my help.

And was rejected.

Picnic by the Lake

On the way from Mount John >> to Lake Pukaki

We need to clock a picnic meal somewhere in NZ and we immediately set our eyes on this lake! There is no one here and we literally have this picnic ground entirely to ourselves!

While having lunch, we concluded how awesome and peaceful this place is and we can really dream to retire here.


Lake Pukaki

Mount John >> Lake Pukaki

The blue lake is extremely stunning that picture is unable to justify its beauty. You can only see it's blue when it's sunny day. Else, it will only look grey. You have to walk carefully on big rocks down to this lake and make sure you don't hold your phone on your hand while you walk. 



Blue Lake & Tasman Glacier Walk

Lake Pukaki >> Blue Lake >> Tasman Glacier Walk

Rain hit us when we got here. It was cloudy hence there was not much sunlight. The lake looks grey without the sunlight. Lake Pukaki will look something like this without sufficient sunlight as well.

We left after we gotten pictures of the "Grey Lake" and went for public toilet shower. The 5 stupid women do not have enough coins and shared the shower. First pair went in without putting enough coins and gotten themselves cold shower in this cold weather. Next 3 women just put 1 coin and enjoyed an amazing quick and hot shower! (Because 2 x $1 coin is required per bath)

One of us caught a cold because of this. What en experience!



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