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 New Zealand Day 7

Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park > Milford Sound > Gunn Camp
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Mirror Lake

Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park >> Mirror Lake

We are actually heading to Milford Sound Cruise, but along the way, there are plenty of pit stops that is worth dropping by to take some photo. Here we are at Mirror Lake! Because we are too early and the sun is not too high up yet, we are unable to catch the reflection of the mountains in the waters.



Lake Gunn Trail

Mirror Lake >> Lake Gunn Trail

We love this trail because we are like filming the Lord of the Rings walking into dreamy forestry! The greens look almost fake yet its so real!

This wilderness natureis an instagramable trail. Do come over here for a short walk but beware of sand flies since it's near the lake.



Routeburn Track

Lake Gunn Trail > Routeburn Track

This is a 3 hours return track. Christina is preparing us for a 3 hours track before she bring us up to the 6 hours one in Roy's Peak. This is the ultimate alpine adventure, weaving through meadows, reflective tarns and alpine gardens. You'll be rewarded with spectacular vistas over vast mountain ranges and valleys.

Monkey Creek

Routeburn Track > Monkey Creek

Located within the Hollyford Valley, Monkey Creek is a glacier-fed spring with water so pure you can drink it straight from the source.

Some of us did drink the water. No toilet runs, all is good!



Hommer Tunnel

On the way from Monkey Creek to the Chasm

This is a one-way 1.2km tunnel. You have to wait for your turn since it's one way. Expected time of wait is at the LED signboard as pointed out by Jennifer. 


The Chasm

Hommer Tunnel >> The Chasm

Dramatic views of powerful waterfalls and water-sculpted shapes in the rocks. It's easy to walk but also can give it a missed if you are rushing for time.

Milford Sound

The Chasm >> Milford Sound >> Gunn Camp

If you have been to or planned to go to Doubtful Sound, you can give this a missed. If you have tight budget, then visit Milford Sound which is much cheaper. When the cruise started, we don't find it really fantastic because we have already seen something similar. The wow factor came when a school of dolphins swim past us!


Book your Milford Sound Adventure with Real Journeys.

It was a bonus and a complete surprise to be able to see a big group of dolphins swiming out to the Tasman sea!

It's our lucky day!

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