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Day 1:

Hotel Central


We had a hard time locating this AirBnB. It's not helping when we have to carry such a huge backpack. Room is clean and apartment is huge though. Will we come back and book this accomodation again? Probably not.


S$323 (S$64.60 per pax)

Day 2 to Day 5:

Hotel Bahnhof


One of the best backpacker's lodge we have ever stayed by far. The room is clean, sufficient lighting for your bed area, sufficient washrooms, laundry is available and they have a big kitchen for sharing.


S$287 per night (S57.40 per pax)

Day 5 to Day 6:

Valley Hostel AG


Very clean hostel with friendly receptionist. Great kitchen facilities.


S$292.50 per night (S$58.50 per pax)

Day 7 to Day 9:

Hostel Lion Lodge


Picture tells it all. Awly is crying gg because this is one of the most unsatisfactory hostel stay in Switzerland. Kitchen is not very well maintained and the entire building is old. When climbing up and down the stairway, there is squeeky sound. The female toilet is just beside the  the male which is uncomfortable. This place need alot of maintenance.


S$224 per night (S$44.80 per pax)

Day 10 to Day 11:

Casa Heinrich Guesthouse





One of the most cosy stay in Switzerland. We booked the entire apartment for ourselves. They have full kitchen accessories and an open-concept upper deck for chillax. Smokers will like this place. 


S$223.50 per night (S$44.70 per pax)
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