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12 full days in Switzerland


We depart from Singapore Changi Airport on 30th Aug 2017, transiting via Istanbul (Turkey) via Turkish Airline.

We returned via transit to Istanbul (Turkey) again and landed in Singapore on 12th September 2017.

Total days inclusive of transit: 14 days. 

Swiss Travel Pass

Second Class Ticket



You have to get a Swiss Travel Pass. It saves you trouble to get train tickets at every station and also entitles you to discounts between 15% to 50% off on cable car rides and attractions entrance fee. Plan your itineary based on the Swiss travel pass validity period. The Swiss travel pass comes in 3, 4, 8 or 15 days validity. We booked the air tickets based on a 12-day itineary but our Swiss travel pass is valid for 15days. So we should plan our itineary for a 15 days trip instead. It's more worth it. And if you planned to get the Swiss travel pass in SG, do email Dynasty travel to see if you can get a good bargain. We got our tickets with a S$10 discount each and we are able to collect the travel pass on the spot. For those who think why you should spend so much for a travel pass, i can justify for the high price. Cities are link to cities via their train system. Some of the track lines are passes through their mountains. So you can imagine how much work needs to be done digging holes into mountains and all the architectural and engineering efforts to make sure people can get to another cities in a short frame of time. Not only that, their train leaves the station punctually. When we say punctual means if the train is scheduled to leave at 1335hrs, it really means 1335hrs! Use your body to block the train door also no use. Haha! So If you follow their train schedule closely, you are able to save alot of time waiting!



Pack Light, bring only necessities



Our backpack weighs around 12kg when we left SG. Some point of time, we have to carry the heavy backpack to find our accommodation and it was not easy (for me) but i survived. It was after a few more days of intense trainings from the hikes, we became stronger and carrying the backpack is not that difficult anymore. Came back with a 16kg backpack (filled with Swiss chocolates). Backpack is more convenient than bringing a luggage as we travel from cities to cities. Because you need to bring it around in trains n walk to your accommodation, it is definitely more convenient than bringing hard luggages. The most important thing from backpacking is: "To pack light".

Hiking Trails

Hiking to see the beauty of Switzerland



We did alot of hikes! The longest hike we did was 31,700 steps (20.75km) within a day. Thats with all the inclines and declines. It was only Day 4 and my legs were breaking. Before that we already had 12-17km of walking everyday. imagine the aches but you still have to carry-on. It's crazy yet fun! haha! Hiking allows you to see beautiful scenery from different angle. And also help u burn fats so u can eat more cheese fondue & rosti. You have to walk to see the beauty of Switzerland! Recommendation is to bring at least 1 hiking stick to help you with the long hikes.

Hostels / Backpacker's Lodge

Above expectation. Sleek and Clean.



This is our first time staying in backpacker's lodge and it's value for money, near to station and also super clean and tidy! For those who don't mind sharing bunks with strangers, can opt for backpacker's lodge. Hotels in Switzerland can be really expensive if you do your research. There is only one particular lodge that we are not satisfied because the picture given in Agoda and reality is way too different. So do read the reviews carefully to make sure there is no disappointment.


Expensive but do try their cheese fondue



Food in Switzerland is FREAKING expensive. The 5 of us had restaurants the first few days and it cost us an average of 150CHF per meal with only about 3 main courses (Luckily women don't eat much). So if you are a not big eater who is on budget, buy a sandwich along the way or bring more maggi noodle. Since we dont eat alot in restaurants, we bought bread, fruits for our hikes during lunch and cook noodle for dinner, we only spend around 23CHF (S$32) per day on food!


Show your Swiss Travel Pass for cable car discounts

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise: 47 CHF

Gornergrat: 47 CHF
Blauherd: 24 CHF
Rothorn: 11 CHF
Oeschimen: 13 CHF
Jungdraujoch: 96 CHF
Schilthorn: 41.10 CHF
Harder Kulm: 8 CHF
Mount Titlis: 46 CHF

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Entrance fee: 8 CHF

Coster Ride 5 CHF

SIM Card

Available at the airport

Do not buy online as the airport selling the local SIM card for unlimited data plan for 30 days (4G up to 3GB and 3G thereafter) at 35 CHF. Once you exit Zurich airport, turn left and there is a mini Kiosk that is at one corner. We bought ours there; however, there are many other stores across the street to the train main station. We did not check the prices over there.

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