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Iceland Day 6

Skaftafell >> Svinafellsjokull >> Fjallsárlón iceberg lagoon (missed) >> Jökulsárlón >> Hofn Town
Day 6.jpg


Hörgsland Cottages >> Skaftafell

This is real. Storm hit us today and it was a blessing we respect the weather. We tried to hike but halfway we decided to return. The wind is too strong and certain route there is no railings so it's abit unsafe to walk further. We checked online news the following day and it shows report of cars overturn and house roof blown off in this region, especially the South.  

Picture gallery shown below are pictures we took till hallway.



Skaftafell >> Svínafellsjökull >> Fjallsárlón Iceberg Lagoon >> House on the Hill (Hofn Town)

Strong wind subsided a little bit and we did some quick shots! By now it is super cold and our hand warmers is no more effective. This place is beautiful! The glacier look more closer in actual than in this picture!

We rushed to Fjallsárlón Iceberg Lagoon but the wind was growing stronger. We took the opportunity to hide in the car and had our sandwich lunch. Soon after we are done, a local knock on our window and told us to evacuate from this area because the storm is coming. Thanks to this guy, we managed to escape the storm. The wind was 74-88km/h at that time!


Despite the storm, we still want to get our beer from the supermarket and we check-in earlier to our next accomodation at Hofn Town, House on the Hill.

Video of Awly trying to drive us out of the incoming storm. Wind was gusting and even the sands are lifted from the ground. Visibility was low and tension was high in our car. 

This is one of a experience to escape a storm. We were quite worried we may be trapped. We kept really quiet and give Awly our brave driver to have the full concentration and finally, she brought us to safety. 


We missed it on Day 6 but we revisited on Day 7.

We were supposed to visit Jökulsárlón but due to the storm, we missed it and we re-visited on Day 7. In order not to confuse you, we put it up here so you can follow through the actual plan.

Luckily all of us agreed we should revisit this place because this is one of the most beautiful and large glacier lake with big and small ice cubes all over the place! This lake is created after the glacier started receding from the Atlantic Ocean and it has grown because of melting glaciers.


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